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Become a Member of the Randolph County Republican Party Today!

We need your help to preserve our conservative values and support our Republican leaders in Randolph County, Georgia. Please select the button below to become a member and join our mailing list!

The Randolph County Republican Party is working together to help sustain growth and prosperity in Randolph County, Georgia.


Our organization closely follows county political events and actions and works to mobilize our conservative base to protect the rights and well-being of the citizens of Randolph County. We want every person in this county to be informed on the inner workings of our county government.


We support Republican candidates for political office throughout the county, state, and country. Please join our efforts by becoming a member today and by subscribing to our email list. We will notify you of important political events and happenings within the county.

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Election Day

Register to Vote! 

Be ready to vote to elect Republican candidates for county, state, and federal government positions by registering to vote today! Select the link below to register online with the Georgia My Voter Page. Once registered, you can use the Georgia My Voter Page to find your polling place, request an absentee ballot and check its status, and review your elected officials and voting districts. 

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